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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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how to improve the bike pathways through here. right now bikes come off the hollow way bike path onto lee and if we want to go onto phelan, we have to take a left on ocean avenue which is really dangerous because all the cars are converging at that point. i want to make sure we can consider moving up across ocean on lee and coming into the parking lot of perhaps the new site that is being developed or into the parking lot of city college to actually access phelan through that way rather than getting on ocean avenue. i think it isv' a really great opportunity that shouldn't be missed as we're moving forward on transit improvement. >> sure. and i know they are going through some extensive community outreach right now so we'll get back to the project manager and talk to him about that. >> commissioner olague did you have a question about that? >> [inaudible]. we can wait till it's over. >> i think they're wrapping up. >> it's over. >> okay.
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so, commissioner olague. >> okay. i guess getting back to the masonic fix, 18 million, i think 9 million has been identified. has the other 9 million been identified yet to fund the project? >> i'm getting a no. >> okay. >> so, we're expecting to see this project for the one bay area grant. so, that will be competing in that grant program and we'll be looking at that funding source and other possible local sources [inaudible]. >> good afternoon, commissioners. jonathan rivers with the mta. so, we've been working with the authority for a couple months on a full funding plan for masonic. it is a very significant project here in the city of san francisco and it's one of our major complete street projects where we want to come in and try to do everything. there is a component, the resurfacing component that is being funded through the proposition b bond. the $18 million project, though, is those additive
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complete streets streetscape improvements. we have funded the environmental phase and that's moving forward, just recently completed the mta board improved legislation associated with the project last tuesday. so, now comes the hard part. we have tried through numerous different programs to try to fund the detail design phase which is the next step of the project to continue to move us forward. i think in the next couple of months, the one bay area program specifically is our best opportunity to fund this project. we are going to continue to try to move to fund the next phase, which is detail design which is a couple million dollars. so, this is the next generation of street projects, bike and pet projects, completely separated graded lanes. it is a little bit more expensive than paint and takes a little more engineering, but we are continuing to move forward with the project. >> okay, thank you. also with the geary vrt, one of the issues that kept coming up was i guess it's the very costly, but it's one that i'm committed to seeing also and
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that is filling in the bridge because a lot of people feel that, you know, it's sort of symbolic of the separation and divide between that community and the rest of the other parts of the city. so, where are we with that? >> good afternoon, [speaker not understood] transportation planner. * chester i believe the commissioner is referring to the fillmore intersection that is currently separated and the idea of filling that grade separation. so, it's actually all running at the surface. where we are with respect to the geary bus rapid transit corridor bus and how it relates to that, we've been doing some engineering work to really figure out what the options are for running the buses through that area, whether we run it in the existing tunnel or we run them on the sides or as
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commissioner suggested, filling the fillmore intersection. the geary project has concluded that there are workable options for if the fillmore is safe, it's compatible with running the buses in a dedicated center lane. and we'll be taking that option into our environmental analysis. we've done some preliminary costing work and we recognize that it would be a costly project to put solely on the rapid transit project. we have in mind that we want to compete nationally for federal transit funds to implement geary. we want to make sure it's competitive from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. so, we think that the filling of the totally by the geary vrt project. but we will take the analysis
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of that compatible transit project to our analysis. so if there is a related project at the filling of the fillmore intersection, that we can move forward separately in the city that it would be compatible with the geary project. but we'd love to have a conversation about how to move that project forward from the funding standpoint. >> because i know with the -- i know the woman who was working on it, she i think has left the department since. she did really good work, it was seven years of taking input from the community. it's good that it's being considered in the environmental report. and finally, i'm happy about the oak connecting neighborhood sort of thing. i think it's really long overdue. finally, i guess at some point, then the traffic calming in ashbury heights, those are the
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types of issues i've been following. but i guess this is a question i have, is -- let me see if i can remember. fell en oak -- fillmore street, is that something that's in the works? [multiple voices] >> it's on the list as something to talk about. >> we can work with dpw and see where it is on the list. >> thank you, commissioner olague. again, colleagues, this is an opportunity for you to not only let your residents know what projects are in the works, but to the extent there is not something being done that should be a priority, it is an opportunity to raise that issue. i don't know if we have any other questions on any other presentation on districts 5 and 7. why don't we open it up to public comment. and again, thank you to staff for the presentation. i'll use this microphone because it's on.
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again, my nick hastings is jackie sachs and i want to make comments on the presentations. -- on both districts. regarding district 5, regarding the geary vrt, like i mentioned at the last meeting before you took your recess, that you should flip, go back into the archives through our public records, look into the final report of the geary transit task force that was published back in 1989, 1990, and also the geary -- the final report of an engineering report that was done that was finalized in 1995 about a light rail transit that was passed by -- one of the property sale sites by the projects that was passed by the voters in '89, grandfathered into prop k that i also worked on. that is in district 5.
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regarding district 7 regarding 19th avenue, i went to the tepp meeting. there were many concerns about moving the stop on 19th avenue for the simple reason it is the wrong distance for people with disabilities, with walkers, with canes with wheelchairs, to walk long distances between the streets -- between the streets in the district. and if you move the stop, that means someone with a wheelchair or walker or cane that has packages will have to walk, and in the rain, when it gets dark in the wintertime, it will be very difficult for them. i also want you to take that into consideration. i aired these concerns before, and i urge you to consider them again. as far as the -- putting the m
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line in the middle of 19th avenue, i have suggested that they consider leaving it where it is and having a bus -- having a bridge going over 19th avenue so people -- peep well walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, whatnot, those who are disabled, instead of taking their chances crossing the street at 19th avenue [speaker not understood], go over the bridge and make it safely to the stop for the light rail system. thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. again, want to thank ta staff and all the other agency staff that are here to present on these items. and i hope colleagues found them informative. madam clerk, if you can please call item 14. >> item 14, introduction of new items, this is an information
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item. >> colleagues, any new items for introduction? is there any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is close -- commissioner olague. >> yes, i guess in the future i'd like some kind of update on lof. [speaker not understood]. i'd like to know where the conversation is. >> duly noted. thank you. any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. if you can call item 15. >> item 15, public comment. >> an opportunity for any member of the public to provide public comment on anything within the jurisdiction of the agency, but not on the agenda. seeing none, public comment is closed. and can you please call item 16. >> item 16 adjournment. >> meeting adjourned. thank you very much. go giants.
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>> welcome to city hall. thank you for joining us. thank you for coming out. i want to thank members of the board of supervisors. i want to thank them for being here in this joint recognition of our commissioners and members of 14 different bodies that will be appointed today to committees and commissions. i want to thank all the friends and family for joining us. let me say how excited i am this
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past week, i have been watching a certain convention. next week, we will have an even more exciting convention to watch. it is of course, in the spirit of the expected national, regional, and state elections we are preparing for. it is also a reminder of the importance of our civic duty and all the different departments we have created. public engagement is extremely important to the way we run government in san francisco. it has always been about public engagement. we need the last bodies come a different viewpoints, different economic classics -- classes,
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ethnicities, and regions of the city to be well-represented on everything we do because that is what makes our city great. it is that the verse you point coming together to focus -- it is that diverse viewpoint coming together to focus and figure out with the public what it is that we should do, that it is time well, well thought out, and what we need to do to show the rest of the country that this city can work itself out of the economic doldrums and into presenting hope and economic opportunity for everybody, no matter their backgrounds. we also reflect our regional values in this city in many different ways. we want to continue selecting people who will make sure government and all of our programs are open to everybody. i want to thank each and every one of the people in front of
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me today representing the different bodies we are about to make appointments to and thank you for your sacrifice, time, and energy. today we get to recognize you. tomorrow, people will start yelling at you. it is part of that process. it is one we cherish no matter what body we're on. i know former mayor willie brown is here. i want to thank him for constantly being a support to all of our commissions and for being here today. i want to recognize each and everyone of you today by asking you to stand and be recognized as i call your commission and name out. for the board of appeals, we have an lazarus.
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joshua, thank you for being here. for the construction and workforce advisory committee, a body i helped to establish as city administrator, this body is going to be important for us because in our economic recovery we need to work better with our construction companies to make sure everybody has a chance to work in our city. bob alvarado, thank you for being here and part of it. ed riskin, thank you for stepping up again. florence, thank you. harland kelly, our general
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manager to be. thank you. kent, thank you for stepping up. yes, i will tell you what you are paid for after. [laughter] james, thank you for being here. coming out of retirement, thank you for stepping up. thank you for all of your great work. joshua, you are appointed to two conditions today. -- two commissions today. thank you very much. mohammad, he always needs help. thank you for stepping up. [applause] oscar delatorre, the northern
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california carpenters regional council, thank you. laborers council. tim, thank you for being here. the film commission, patrick johnson, thank you for stepping up. an invaluable planning council that i will be working closely with as we move into the new health care challenges for our city and state and country, that is our hiv services planning council. gabriel ortega, thank you for stepping up. mark, thank you for being here. [applause] a very important commission, our immigrant rights commission, who
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is constantly challenged by the need to reform our immigration policies, but to make sure that when people try to vote this year that they will not be intimidated. we've got to work harder for the rest of the country. we can show the way here. i know the leadership will come from sonia. thank you for stepping up. our state has presented, and our country has presented, a challenge to us for our seniors and the need for long-term care. we're going to be working closely with the long term care coordinating council. thank you, tracy. [applause] thank you for stepping up. and for teaching me how to pronounce your name. our mta newest member to the
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board of directors and one that i know will be of great value to us as we are challenged with everybody being able to enjoy all the services our mta has. thank you, christina, for stepping up. [applause] as we move into the times when we want more people to come in, we want development to create jobs, we need to make sure we appropriately plan all areas of the city. i want to thank these two gentlemen for stepping up to come and spend hours of their personal time helping us with the planning of the city. michael, thank you for returning and stepping forward for the planning commission. richard, thank you very much for
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stepping up as well. some say the most voluble land we have -- valuable land we have for people to live and enjoy is the waterfront. i want to thank our newest commissioner to the port commission, william adams. thank you, william, for stepping up. [applause] we have a very important task in front of us for this november. we have a very important bond i think most people in the city know will be invaluable to us for our kids and families. that is the open spaces part bond proposition b for this year. we also have a cherished commission and department that is charged with maintaining all
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of the open space in the city from the parklets to the vast golden gate park, to the shared responsibilities we have with ocean beach and open spaces throughout the city. i want to thank phil for being here today. we have our returning commission. you have done a wonderful job so well. in my decision, it was appropriate to reappoint youtube this important commission, -- to reappoint you to this important commission, and keep the good work out. gloria, megan, thank you. tom harrison, thank you very much for your wonderful work there. we have challenges at our state level in the way we handle our
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incarcerated population. we will be working closely with the realignment committee, with all of our public safety departments, many of them are represented here today. we will be working with the sentencing commission. stephen, thank you for stepping up and helping us with our sentencing commission. [applause] it is no surprise to you that i have been working with the board of supervisors on this very thema, and i am not afraid to keep repeating it. it is jobs, jobs, jobs for everybody. we can only do it if we have a more enlightened workforce investment board the works with us on all the policies we need to have, all the outrage, all of the communities need to be represented on our investment
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board. i want to thank everyone who is stepping forward today to be on the board to help us with the 21st century policies we need to make sure people have every chance and opportunity to work in jobs in the city. andrew, thank you for joining. barbara morrissette, thank you for joining us. brenda barnes, thank you very much. diane easterwood from kaiser, thank you for stepping up and helping. kevin carroll, thank you for stepping up and being with us. niki callahan, -- mickey callahan, they keep for your
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help and stepping up. ontario from pg&e, thank you. rebecca miller, thank you very much for being here. [applause] rudy bagsby, thank you for stepping up and being part of this. sylvia kwan, thank you very much. ted eagan, thank you very much for stepping up on this workforce. tiffany, thank you very much. keep us focused on central market, too. tom from riverbed technology, thank you. trent, thank you very much for all of your great work. jimena from bank of america,
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thank you very much for stepping up. [applause] finally, the largest body we have today, but one of the most important ones, one that today we have shared appointments with the board of supervisors is our youth commission. [applause] yes. i assure you that people from this body, as well as all the other bodies, will one day see somebody standing in my place or in the place of the people standing by the side of meat and their respective offices. our youth are important. whether it is public safety, education, free muni, all the things we deem important to make this city healthy. you are charged with helping us with the best inclusion and policies we can have to keep
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families vibrant, keep our youth a safe, keep them motivated, and keep all of us paying attention to our next generation of people who will inherit everything we do and will inherit the good things as well as the bad things. with your help, there will be less bad things to inherit. with that, angel carion, thank you for being here and stepping up. ariel, thank you for stepping forward and being part of our youth commission. brian chu, thank you for being here. christine, thank you for stepping forward. eric wu, they give for stepping forward. -- thank you for stepping forward. iris, thank you for being here.
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kyren, thank you for being here and being part of the effort. lily, thank you for stepping forward. mia, thank you for being part of this. mia, thank you. nicholas persky, a key for being part of this and stepping forward. -- thank you for being part of this and stepping forward. paul rodriguez, thank you for stepping forward. rachel broadwyn, thank you. sarah armstrong, thank you for stepping forward. vanessa, thank you for being part of this.
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vee, thank you. that is our commissions. let us proceed with the swearing in. stand if you can and raise your right hand, those that can do so. please repeat after me. i, your name, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the
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constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california, that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter during such time as i hold the office of -- for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. thank you very much. [applause] thank you, all.


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